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Traffic Safety Mirrors

Mirrors can increase visibility round blind bends and at road junctions. However, care is required to select the most suitable product.

All convex mirrors reduce the image size to achieve this wider view. Note that a mirror is always a compromise, it is better to remove obstructions to the view if possible. When using a mirror do not attempt to judge traffic speed. If a vehicle is observed do not proceed.


Our Acrylic mirrors are best for most applications. However Polycarbonate is available if there is a problem with vandalism. The stainless steel mirror is also vandal resistant but it has the additional benefit of being self cleaning. This is made possible by a coating on the metal which rejects water and contamination.

It is always best to use the largest convenient mirror available. However, this is not always possible and we have notes to help in selection.

Alternatively if you send us a completed questionnaire (either by post, or e-mail), we can specify the most suitable type.

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