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Quarter Hemi 

  • High quality wide angle convex mirrors suitable for all interior uses
  • Manufactured from shatter resistant acrylic plastic
  • Improves vision into blind spots and corners
  • The hemispheres are supplied with chains for ceiling suspension or can be mounted directly
  • Demi and quarter versions are fitted with a mounting strap or can be screwed to wall
  • These mirrors provide a cost effective safety and surveillance system
H18 hemisphere 480mm dia x 170mm chain/direct
H24 hemisphere 630mm dia x 240mm chain/direct
H30 hemisphere 790mm dia x 320mm chain/direct
H36 hemisphere 940mm dia chain/direct
D18 demi hemi 480x240mm bracket/direct
D24 demi hemi 630x315mm bracket/direct
D30 demi hemi 790x395mm bracket/direct
D36 demi hemi 940x470mm bracket/direct
Q30 qtr hemi 500x300mm bracket/direct
Q36 qtr hemi 700x330mm bracket/direct