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Mirror Technology produces safety & security mirrors, specialised mirrors, bespoke designs and provides metallisation coating services.

We are now able to offer Trixi cycle lane safety mirrors. These are designed to be mounted by traffic lights to allow lorry drivers a clear view down cycle lanes when they are turning left. This potential blind spot has contributed to many fatal and serious  accidents, see http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/public/cyclesafety/contact/.   We shall publish further details within a few days.

We are rightly proud of our 40 years of experience and work very hard to bring that experience to the customer through our top quality products. We have a wide range of safety and security mirror products in an ever expanding line-up and are able to offer a fully bespoke design, moulding and finishing service.  Everything is produced in our factory in the UK.

Our services go beyond just safety and security mirrors.  We can apply specialised coatings and metallisation to a wide variey of materials and blow mould domes in a variety of types and sizes.  Industrial, commercial, scientific and art projects for a wide varitey of customers have been undertaking.  Coating are often referred to as mirroring or silvering and the effect from using the aluminisation process looks like a chrome effect.

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