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Railway Mirror Installation Notes

It is best to position with test mirrors, available on rental, and experience with previous installations will speed up the process. Final adjustment is best carried out with a train, this will only take a few minutes.

  • A full platform survey (using a train) may be required before installing mirrors.
  • Mirror positioning is critical to obtain a clear unobstructed view.
  • Two mirrors may be required to accommodate varying train lengths.
  • The standard mirror is a 1520x1220mm hooded type.
  • Alternatives are available(see opposite) where this is not suitable.
  • Platform mirrors weigh up to 70kg. An approved post is required and Mirror Technology can advise on this.
  • A single phase electrical supply is required for each mirror to reduce condensation and thermal distortion.
  • The mirrors require no maintenance apart from regular cleaning.
  • Where vandalism is a problem unbreakable polycarbonate membranes can be specified for all hooded versions.
  • A full set of portable survey mirrors can be hired from Mirror Technology along with consultancy to ensure correct positioning.
  • An exchange scheme is available to minimise downtime.