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Railway Mirror Cassette System

Mirror Technology has introduced a cost effective optional modification to its range of rail platform mirrors.

We can now supply the mirror module as a separate unit which can be slotted into the frame without the need to return the entire mirror assembly to the factory for repair.

The mirror cassette unit comprises the actual mirror and heater in an aluminium frame which slides into the housing through a sealed hatch in the base.

Consequently, damage to the mirror surface by vandalism or accident can be quickly repaired in situ. This represents a significant saving in both material and labour costs. Furthermore, the mirror will be out of commission for only a few minutes.

This modification is incorporated in new peak or hood type housings and as a retrospective modification on most equipment produced after 1990. A version for bezel designs availabel as well.

In some cases the mirror is mounted low and there is insufficient clearance to remove the cassette without disturbing the viewing setting.  To overcome this a hinged mounting has been developed. The hinged section is quickly released by removing four bolts from the backplate.

This low cost modification is available as an option on all new platform mirrors and can easily be incorporated in units returned for service, often at the same time as conversion to cassette operation.

Mirror Technology estimates these modifications will reduce maintenance labour by about 50%, allowing a faster response to mirror faults.