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Stainless Steel Traffic MirrorStainless Mirror

A range of convex mirrors to complement the universal and polycarbonate versions. These have a very high quality stainless steel mirror mounted on traditional robust Mirror Technology fittings. The unit is available with an ABS or coated steel back plate. The mountings are secured with vandal resistant fixings.

The mirror surface has the JISLON ® HYDRO hydrophilic coating which significantly reduces condensation on the mirror surface by preventing the build up of water droplets on the surface. This means the mirror will remain clear in misty conditions above 0°C. The mirror is also essentially self cleaning with dirt flowing off the surface during rainfall. The coating is most effective when the unit is exposed to rain and sun but the mirror will function under all conditions and can be cleaned by flushing with water in dry weather.

Ordering information:

SVX90 600-3P Post mount with plastic back plate

SVX90 600-3S Post mount with steel back plate

SVX90 600-4P Wall mount with plastic back plate

SVX90 600-4S Wall mount with steel back plate

A heated option is available for freezing conditions