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About Us

Mirror Technology has experience in the vacuum coating industry going back to 1970.  Formed as Craswell Scientific Ltd, the company supplied vacuum products mainly to laboratories, but soon diversified into coating products, initially acrylic mirrors.

After developing a wide range of traffic and industrial convex mirrors the company started a development project with British Rail for the newly introduced Driver Only Operated trains. In 1985 the first trials were completed and these mirrors are now used widely in the UK and Europe.

Aircraft parking mirrors were soon introduced based on the DOO designs and these also have been adopted widely in Europe. At the same time decorative coatings were introduced initially for automotive dealership signs.

Other applications followed and to reflect the new direction the company formally changed its name to Mirror Technology in 2001.

Mirror Technology prides itself on designing and building all of its products in the UK, shipping worldwide from its base in Gloucestershire.