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Flat Sheet Mirror

Mirror Technology sheet plastic mirror is an excellent alternative to glass in many applications. It has optical qualities at least as good, light weight and far superior shatter resistance. The mirror can be cut and shaped with conventional tools. Semi transparent Two Way mirror is also available.

For the highest security Polycarbonate is recommended. This is unbreakable to impact. Applications include secure accommodation, vandal prone areas and food processing plants. For most other applications shatter resistant Acrylic is quite suitable.  For decorative purposes polystyrene may be the best choice.

Four materials are offered:

  • For the highest security Polycarbonate is recommended.
  • For most other applications shatter resistant Acrylic is quite suitable.
  • High-Impact Polystyrene is a low cost material suitable for point of display etc.
  • Stainless Steel for high resistance to damage and impact

More details on semi transparent 2-way mirrors.

The mirror can be mounted in a similar fashion to glass. However its light weight allows mounting with adhesive or double sided tape. Care should be taken in ensuring adhesives are suitable for use with plastic. Mirror Technology can advise on appropriate materials.

Light and flexible, plastic mirror is very useful for decorating larger areas. However, a flat backing is essential to prevent distortion of the mirror image, especially if this is to be viewed from a distance. Alternatively the use of smaller panels could be considered. Fire resistance may be an issue in such installations and the notes below should be observed. In any case the proposals should be discussed with a qualified person at the planning stage.

Mirror Technology flat sheet mirror can be used on large areas. However it is essential the mirror is mounted flat since any curvature will produce obvious distortion, especially if viewed from a distance of greater than about one meter. Generally it would be better to create a mirror wall by using a number panels of about 500mm square dimensions. Since the conditions of use are out of our control Mirror Technology cannot accept the return of sheet mirror.